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A Proposal For The Books

New Orleans Proposal


Jorge and I had several opportunities to meet before we were finally introduced by our mutual friend. The plan was to meet at our friend’s house for drinks and then go out dancing. As soon as I saw Jorge I knew I liked him right away. The feeling was mutual because that night we ended up exchanging phone numbers and went on our first date a week later. On our first date we learned how much we had in common and spent hours in a seemingly never ending conversation. Ever since then, we were inseparable. We have been together for four years and share many mutual interests; from our taste in movies and music, to our love of outdoor activities, like snowboarding and hiking. We also share the same sense of silly humor. We enjoy traveling together to many new places in the United States as well as trips to Jorge’s native home of Colombia. From the beginning our relationship has felt like a constant adventure.

Project Proposal


It isn’t unusual for Jorge and me to make spontaneous travel plans, so I wasn’t suspicious when Jorge suggested taking a trip to New Orleans for his birthday weekend at the end of the summer in 2017. New Orleans held a lot of significance for the two of us because it was our first vacation that we took as a couple when we started dating in 2013. We arrived in New Orleans for the second time on Jorge’s birthday, so he told me that he had arranged three course dinner at a plantation. Keeping this in mind, we both dressed up without making me suspicious. After a lovely ride with our Uber driver who showed us the sights in New Orleans, we arrived at the Southern Oaks Plantation. In addition to the three course meal, we were also going on a tour of the plantation.

Surprise Proposal New Orleans

While we waited for the tour to begin we snapped pictures outside the house and then were directed to the back of the house to begin the tour. When we made our way to the side of the main plantation house, the sun had just set and we came across a back garden that was lit by candles. There was a path of open books that led to typewriter on a desk, with a large quote written on a long scroll of paper. As soon as we entered the yard, more lights in the trees began to turn on. At the same time the lights came on, a song started to play that made me realize that this was his proposal. The song was “Somos dos” by Bomba Estéreo, it is a very sweet song that Jorge and I have both loved for a long time.

Proposal spots in New Orleans

Jorge led me to the typewriter where I could read the quote that said: “I have waited for this opportunity for more than half a century, to repeat to you once again my vow of eternal fidelity and everlasting love,” from the book Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, one of my favorite books. It was then that Jorge asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and even though I was overcome with emotion, I managed to say yes! After the proposal, I realized how much he had planned for it. Jorge worked together with proposal planner, Stacey Asaro owner of Project Proposal, to plan all the details, from the lights, to the open books with pictures of us in them, even the “Uber” driver was in on the surprise since he was actually the owner of the plantation! Jorge and I were both so grateful that with their help, we were able to have a beautiful proposal with photos to remember the night forever.


Time Themed Proposal at Longue Vue House and Gardens

Same sex proposal in New Orleans


Carly and I met playing pick-up basketball in San Francisco. When we were taking a break on the sidelines, Carly asked me how old I was. I thought that was a very odd way to start a conversation with someone you didn’t know, so it intrigued me. Carly thought I was cute, but too young for her, so she wanted to check. We quickly realized that we are only seven months a part. That day I convinced her to come to pick-up soccer night. At soccer, I was excited to see her. She couldn’t figure out how to get in the building, so she emailed the email thread. I responded right away with my number to slyly find a way to give her my number. I also made sure not to reply all on the thread to keep it under wraps. In my nervous excitement, I mistyped my number, so when she called, it didn’t work. Luckily she found her way in and later that week we had our first date and kiss. That was four and a half years ago.

Same Sex Marriage New Orleans

How did she propose?

Carly and I planned a week trip to New Orleans for some time. We had never been to the south. Carly told me that she got us a tour of  Longue Vue House and Gardens. When we got there, a woman handed us each a glass of champagne and told us to explore the garden before we start the house tour. The woman also mentioned that off to the right was her favorite part of the garden. When we eventually got to the “off to the right” part of the garden, I saw a big display of clocks in front of a beautiful pond. One clock said, “I want to spend the rest of time with you”. Music started playing and I quickly realized this was her proposal. She pulled out the ring from her pocket and popped the question. A photographer came out from behind a post and started capturing everything. After the proposal, we took a bunch of pictures with the photographer around the beautiful gardens and drank more champagne. Carly completely surprised me by secretly planning the proposal with Stacey Asaro at Project Proposal. Stacey was the woman with champagne pretending to be the tour guide. It felt like a scene straight out of a movie! 

Garden Proposal in New Orleans. Clock decor

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Mirror Themed Proposal at City Park, New Orleans

Byron and Jenee had an unbounded love for each other transcending past their individual weaknesses. Byron knew that Jenee loved him unconditionally and wanted all the best for him even when she felt inadequate. Byron wanted her to be his future and knew a significant part of how he wanted to propose to her but needed help piecing it all together. Byron approached Project Proposal to help him out with a true New Orleans proposal. The questionnaire he filled clearly indicated that above all, he wanted the proposal to reflect her as his perfection and his definition of an embodiment of pure love.

Together with Byron, Project Proposal came up with a lovely mirror themed set up based on a purpose of encouragement of introspection into beauty inside and outside.

New Orleans Park Proposal

The lovely couple used a Gondola which glided across City Park, New Orleans and then the two lovebirds walked across the paved bridge to a private island all draped in Spanish Moss. Byron and Jenee walked together to James Arthur’s ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ to an open area with a table with an assortment of mirrors all around and on it with Spanish Moss to add contrast and life it all.

Park Proposal in New Orleans

The different mirrors faced different directions to imply various perspectives in life which all reflect back the same person. The centerpiece was a large mirror on a beautiful stool padded in white with colorful flowers which were next to the big mirror which lay against the table with the words ‘You Are the Perfect Reflection of My Soul’ on its reflective surface. Byron proposed to the love of his life and now the two soulmates are engaged to be married!

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